As a U.S. family-owned business, PACLOCK remains at the forefront in high-performance, affordable padlocks. PACLOCK’s padlocks are engineered and built to set the standard in extreme reliability, durability, and craftsmanship.


PACLOCK is the only manufacturer providing you the ability to key any lock style together, thus offering the simplest way to minimize the size of your key ring.

Along with that, PACLOCK’s pick and bump resistant 6-pin cylinder technology is best in class for pick, bump, or any other type of attacks.  

Lastly, PACLOCK’s dedication to engineering innovation means quickly developing new padlock designs built specifically for each unique application.


Every Lock, One Key™

Use ONE key to unlock all your locks that are designed specifically for trailer doors, shipping containers, vans, and more! Trim your key ring and save time.

High Performance 6-Pin Cylinder

All PACLOCK’s solid body padlocks have a 6-pin cylinder that is best in class for pick, bump, or any other type of surreptitious entry attacks.

Precision CNC Machining

High quality goes hand in hand with U.S. production. PACLOCK uses American-made Haas CNC machines to produce high-performance locks with tight tolerances.

paclock every lock one key

Every Lock, One Key™

With PACLOCK, customers are using the best locks to secure their applications — whether it be a Rigid job box, a gate, the side of their vans, or their trailer doors — while having the ability to use one key to open all their locks. As a result, customers trim down their key ring and save time.

High-Performance Padlocks

Innovative Design
PACLOCK’s locks are engineered specifically for each unique application. Depending on the lock, special security features may include a “hidden-shackle” design preventing common shackle-cutting attacks, stainless-steel pins preventing common grinding attacks, and a PAC-BAND silicone cover keeping dirt and grime out of the cylinder helping the lock maintain smooth operation.

6-Pin Cylinder Technology
PACLOCK’s solid body padlocks six-pin cylinders rather than the industry standard of four, allowing for over thousands of key changes. Your key number is virtually unique to you! PACLOCK cylinders are best in class for pick, bump, or any other type of surreptitious entry attacks. This is standard across all products, whereas other manufacturers make you pay to upgrade for similar technology.

paclock customer support

Fast Lead Times & Unbeatable Customer Support

Most orders ship within a couple business days whereas the competition may take months to deliver. Alongside that, PACLOCK stands behind its products and always ensures that you are satisfied whenever any issues or questions arise. With speedy delivery and unbeatable customer support, customers continuously choose PACLOCKs through American Safe.


How to Buy PACLOCK

  1. Start with your application. Our locks are built for every unique application.

    PACLOCK has two primary lock series: UCS Series and Standard Rekeyable Series locks. Ultimately, PACLOCK’s UCS Series locks provide higher security and withstand better in weather than Standard Rekeyable Series locks.

  2. For PACLOCK’s UCS Series locks, select any key number between #43001-63224. For PACLOCK’s Standard Rekeyable Series locks (non-LOTO and non-government padlocks), you can either choose between twelve standard key numbers or select your own key number between #93001-95802.

  3. Order all your UCS locks to the same 5-digit key number so all your locks can be opened with one key! Similarly, select the same key number for Standard Rekeyable Series locks each time you’d like to key all your locks alike.

To order Paclock products, please click below to begin shopping:

PACLOCK Categories


Security Solution for Gates, Fences, and More

Expand the security of your system by leveraging specific PACLOCKs for every application. Secure everything on your site or at your facility—including job boxes, trailer doors, trailer hitches, gates, and containers.


Security Solution for Your Job Site

Job sites depend on high levels of security. Whether you need a lock for your job box, work van, or shipping container, PACLOCK has you covered!

PACLOCK designed the Universal Cylinder System (UCS) locks with construction sites in mind. Worried about a key being compromised because you needed to let go of an employee? Simply swap out the cylinders in the locks on your site rather than replacing all the padlocks themselves or risking that worker coming back to steal from you.

Transportation Security

Security Solution for RVs, Cargo Security, and Everyday Transport

PACLOCK’s Transportation Series features high-security, hidden-shackle padlocks optimized for swing-doors, roll-up doors, RV’s and haulers, trailer latches and hitches. The design of PACLOCK’s transportation locks prevent any type of bolt-cutter attack and with aluminum/stainless steel bodies, PACLOCK’s transportation padlocks are far superior than common shackled padlocks.

Government locks

Security Solution for Government, Military, and Defense

PACLOCK’s government line is compliant with Government Standards and are all Buy American Act Compliant. Since 2009, the US military has received more than five million PACLOCKs with a greater than 99% on-time delivery rating and all with zero returns for defects.

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