Healthcare Security Solutions

Today’s hospital security encompasses many systems that work toward patient and staff safety, often on the backbone of their information technology (IT) infrastructure. The ability for an access-control system to work with variables such as patient-wandering detection, infant-monitoring systems, and Internet Protocol (IP) and closed circuit television (CCTV) systems is no longer an option, but a necessity. Patient-wandering detection systems, for instance, are being integrated into access-control systems.

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Healthcare Solutions

Pharmacy Security

  • Secure doors, cabinets, and much more with eCylinder technology that controls and audits who can access what area – and when
  • Improve loss prevention of expensive and dangerous inventory
  • Reduce time needed to manually monitor access
  • Comply with joint commission and industry guidelines by auditing access to controlled substances with an easy-to-retrofit eCylinder solutions

Increase Healthcare Record Accountability

  • Reduce liability and maintain integrity of patient data by controlling and monitoring access to all health care information
  • eCylinder solutions can be installed on the door or on applications inside the room; such as file cabinets and desk drawers

Protect Information Technology Infrastructure

  • Improve less prevention of expensive computer and server equipment
  • Reduce liability of unauthorized access to service and equipment
  • eCylinders monitor access to IT areas, providing additional layer of control

Overall Benefits

  • Fast access right changes via electronic programming
  • Audit trails for increases accountability custom schedules for varied needs
  • No wiring, door, or frame modifications
  • Fit nearly any opening or application
  • Significant installation time/cost savings
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