Multi-Family Solutions

Multi- Family housing refers to Apartment, Dorms, Senior housing, and any other type of housing where there are people living in the same building. There are many solutions for your hardware needs including mechanical locks, electronic locks and cloud-based management.

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Convenience & Security

When it comes to multifamily housing, there’s no question that property managers will have to get even smarter about smart locking solutions.

Such solutions range from keyless smart locks on individual doors to full-on electronic access control (EAC) systems that are connected to locks on buildings, shared-access rooms (laundry, storage, fitness, etc.) and residences. Of course, EAC systems have been a staple in the commercial/retail world, and smart locks have pushed aggressively into the residential market.

Naturally, locking systems that are “smart,” that can be controlled remotely and allow owners to generate credentials that can be set up, sent out and canceled quickly, are ideal for such a business model. As you might expect, these credentials increasingly are going mobile, via an app on your smartphone or tablet computer or a cloud-based system.

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Multi-family Solutions

  • Inter-changeable core
  • Ability to manage perimeter, common areas, and tenant’s unit access with one system (fob, card)
  • Ability to restrict access to areas quicky and efficiently.
  • A report of who is entering their property and when.
  • Unlocking Codes can be given to tenants after hours without having to visit the site.
  • Management can access the locking system through a smart phone, tablet, computer anywhere, anytime.
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